About me

Hi I’m Alice, a Modern Languages student at the University of Exeter studying French and Chinese. I love travelling and I hope that this blog will give an insight into my life and travels in China and beyond!

Before the Coronavirus pandemic I was living my absolute best life in Shanghai, studying Mandarin at Fudan University as part of my Year Abroad. Since returning home, I have had lots of time to write about my experiences and hope to spread some positivity about life in China and the country’s amazing people!



冠状病毒大流行之前, 我在上海过着绝对最好的生活。我是留学生,在复旦大学学汉语。回英国以来,我有很多时间写我的在中国经历,特别想对中国生活和中国人民发表一些积极看法!

My favourite view in the world!